Mark Zuckerberg has no idea of ​​Artificial Intelligence says Elon Musk


Rebecca Cook / Reuters

It is well known that Elon Musk is especially concerned with artificial intelligence (AI) and the role it will play in our future. The CEO of Tesla has stated on more than one occasion that we do not know what we are facing and that the consequences can be irreversible if we continue to develop a technology that can turn against us . So convinced is he saying that the good Musk does not even cut a hair when telling someone who does not see such dangers that he has no idea … although the recipient of his criticism is the very Mark Zuckerberg , Founder and CEO of the social network Facebook .

It all started following a live Q & A session in which Mark participated. Among the inquiries that fans made, was one that alluded to the recent interviews of Elon Musk in which he expressed his fear of the AI, asking the CEO of Facebook what he thought about it. Zuckerberg was clear:

I am optimistic. […] And I think people who are pessimistic and try to foster these apocalyptic scenarios … I just do not understand it. It’s really negative and somehow I think it’s quite irresponsible. […] Whenever I hear people saying that AI is going to hurt people in the future, I think “of course!”, You know, technology can always be used in general for good and bad, and You need to be careful about how it’s built, what you build and how it’s going to be used.

Such declarations were not long in being protagonists of several American articles, pieces that of course arrived at the ears of Elon Musk through a mention in Twitter in which it was indicated that Zuckerberg discharged its warnings. Musk was quick to respond and, without cutting his hair either, indicated that he had spoken with Mark about the subject and that his understanding on the subject was “limited.”

Such a statement, which has more than 6,000 retweets, prompted many to ask for more details about that conversation and to develop a little better opinion. Elon nevertheless threw balls out, joking about that he would tackle the subject in an upcoming film.