BrewArt wants to be the Nespresso of beer: capsules and attractive design to elaborate at home

That of making beer at home is fashionable and some want to take advantage of the pull creating a system that facilitates the process. We have to go to Australia to meet BrewArt , who wants to be something like a Nespresso coffee machine, but instead of coffee, we serve beers.

Two different systems have been created, one called BeerDroid and has space to create ten liters of beer, and another that reduces the amount in half and responds to the name of BrewFlo . In both cases there is a handle to carry the beer that has been created up to the corresponding glass.

These unique gadgets are signed by the company Coopers Brewery and is not a flower of a day since they have been in development for eight years.Its creators were clear that this brewing at home was going to become fashionable , and have been fast formed a system that at least seems quite capable of generating a personalized drink.

Capsules with malt or hops

The idea is also to serve the ingredients to make the beer – malts, enhancers, hops, or yeast -, also chopping this business possible. This is where we find the closest resemblance to the world of coffee capsules.

According to the chosen composition can be generated own styles or resemble beers that we know , playing with tones and flavors. To help us with this a mobile application has been created, which informs us about the state and possible mixes.


In the case of BeerDroid also has WiFi connectivity, allowing to monitor the process from the mobile. We may even be notified when the whole process is over and the scourge is ready to give the shooter.

Obviously the time of brewing is not that of a coffee, but they do have in common the design of ingredients based on capsules, and a design that can be placed anywhere in the house

How much they cost? Well, there are nothing cheap models available from July: they will ask for 800 dollars for BeerDroid and 700 dollars for BrewFlo. For now they are destined for the Australian market, to later arrive in the United States.